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Brand Culture

New image, plastic brand

Rnice has used the image of Sanmao for many years to symbolize the steady development of the company and to make steady progress. With the development of the market, the company is far-sighted, and to create a new image that is more in line with the market, to enhance the brand image and enhance its brand value. A farther, faster development path, based on the original image, through optimization and transformation, with a new logo and slogan, open a new milestone.

New endorsement, boosting development

In order to further enhance the brand influence, deepen the brand penetration, and let the Rnice brand go deeper and deeper, Arles cooperates with the well-known artist “Song Dandan” as the spokesperson of the image, and perfectly combines with the new logo, a two-pronged approach, aiming at Improve brand image and build a stronger brand advantage.