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Corporate thinking

main idea

Chinese companies survive in the harsh environment of the jungle law of survival of the fittest and big fish and small fish. They are required to keep up with the times, change and change in order to survive and develop, and strive to become a company that stands still.

 From the low starting point of the industry to the medium-sized enterprises, Rnice entered the top three in the industry and employed 1,250 employees. In the overall decline of the industry, it still maintains healthy and healthy growth, and began diversified product operations. The Rnice brand is also one step. Steadily grow in one step. Rnice can achieve today's scale, standing proudly in the forefront of the peers, and "knowledge change wins" throughout the entire growth process of Yale.

In the future, Rnice adheres to the core idea of "development and corporate listing" for the development of the brand.

Management thought

Based on trust and respect, the platform is used as a model, and the information ERP system is used as a tool to stimulate everyone's work enthusiasm and thinking. In 2015, it reached a scale of 1 billion.

Business philosophy

According to the principle of “the door to the household”, we do not seek big or not, and carry out OEM OEM business, export business and private brand business according to their actual conditions. Adjust the business priorities of the three business segments at different stages.