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YALESI User agreement

User agreement

YALESI user service agreement (hereinafter referred to as "this Agreement") is a service agreement applicable to YALESI online products and / or services for users (hereinafter referred to as "you") by Shenzhen YALESI Intelligent MobilityTechnology Co., Ltd(hereinafter referred to as "we").

This Agreement constitutes a prerequisite for your use of YALESI products and or services. Please carefully read the terms of this agreement before using YALESI products and or services.

The purpose of this agreement is to help you understand the following:

1th、 Service description

2th、 User rights and obligations

3th、 Personal information protection

4th、 Change and termination of agreement

1th、 Service description

Under this agreement, we will resolutely safeguard your legitimate rights and interests and provide you with YALESI products and / or services through the following ways:

(1) introduce YALESI products and / or services and provide corresponding services through YALESI's official website;

(2) Provide YALESI products and / or services other than YALESI's official website through various clients;

(3) Any software related to the above two types of products and / or services;

(4) Other YALESI products and / or services we provide to you from time to time.

YALESI products and / or services are applicable to adult users over the age of 18. Minors are required to use YALESI products and / or services under the escort and guidance of their guardian.

If you do not agree with this policy or any of its contents, you can immediately stop using the relevant services provided by us.

2、 User rights and obligations

1. You understand and agree that when you use our service and connect it to the Internet, you need to bear the uplink and downlink network communication and traffic fees arising from your use of the service, and the above fees will be directly charged by the network operator.

2. You understand and agree to abide by the terms and rules of this agreement, and timely review and abide by the terms and rules published and / or updated from time to time.

3. You understand and agree that you shall abide by the constitution of the people's Republic of China and other laws and regulations in the process of using Canpro products and / or services.

4. You understand and agree that during use, you shall not engage in the following acts:

(1) Uploading, transmitting and spreading include any opposition to the basic principles defined in the constitution, endangering national security, divulging state secrets, subverting state power, undermining national unity, undermining national unity, harming national honor and interests, inciting national hatred, national discrimination, undermining national unity, undermining national religious policies, promoting cults and feudal superstitions, obscenity, pornography Gambling, violence, murder, terror or abetting crime, insulting or slandering others, infringing on the legitimate rights and interests of others, and other contents prohibited by laws and administrative regulations or other objectionable contents, including but not limited to information, data, words, photos, graphics, information or other materials.

(2) Upload, transmit, disseminate, send e-mail to the e-mail address published by us or otherwise transmit the contents that have no right to transmit or publish, such as internal materials, confidential materials, contents infringing anyone's patent, trademark, copyright, trade secret or other exclusive rights, advertising letters, promotional materials, "spam" and other contents, as well as relevant interference Software viruses or other computer codes, files and programs that destroy or restrict the functions of any computer software, hardware or communication equipment, including but not limited to information, data, text, photos, graphics, information or other data.

(3) Endangering minors in any way.

(4) Posing as any person or institution, or falsely claiming or causing people to mistakenly believe that it is related to any person or institution.

(5) Tracking or harassing others in other ways, illegally invading others' networks, interfering with others' normal network functions, stealing network data and other acts endangering network security.

(6) Provide others with procedures and tools specially used for activities endangering network security such as invading the network, interfering with the normal function and protective measures of the network, stealing network data, or knowingly provide others with technical support, advertising promotion, payment settlement and other help.

(7) Intentional or unintentional violation of any relevant Chinese laws, regulations, rules, regulations and other legally effective norms.

3、 Personal information protection

We attach great importance to the protection of users' personal information (i.e. information that can identify users independently or in combination with other information). When you use the services provided by us, you agree to collect, store, use, disclose and protect your personal information in accordance with our published privacy policy. We hope to clearly introduce our treatment of your personal information to you through the privacy policy, so we suggest you read the privacy policy completely to help you better protect your privacy.

4、 Change and termination of agreement

We have the right to change or terminate some or all products / services at any time according to our own business development or other reasonable reasons. We will not be liable for breach of contract to you and any third party if we take the above actions.

We will provide you with corresponding services and guarantees in accordance with legal requirements and mature, reliable and safe solutions in the industry.

If you have any doubts or need to consult other relevant matters during reading this agreement, you can contact us by contacting customer service or sending email, and we will answer you as soon as possible.